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Product Responsibility

We develop products and solutions to solve customer problems, protect the environment and promote human health.?With products and services touching people every day in nearly every corner of the world, we have a responsibility to embed sustainability into every aspect of our innovations. We pay careful attention to ingredient responsibility, human health and environmental impact, without compromising performance.

Committed to safety in our operations and to developing products for our customers and their intended application

From concentrated formulations and antimicrobial solutions to advanced monitoring and innovative packaging and dispensing methods, Ecolab leads the industry in developing new, effective solutions that help our customers drive operational efficiency, product quality, safety and compliance while minimizing environmental impact.

We leverage our capabilities, expertise and technology throughout our enterprise. By applying learnings and technologies from one industry to another, we are meeting more customers’ needs for resource-saving solutions.

Our health and safety procedures for product formulation start with raw materials. Our product safety team screens all raw materials for chemicals of concern and each raw material is reviewed for regional and global chemical inventory compliance. This process informs final product safety analysis and?safety data sheets (SDSs) for all Ecolab products.

Our Customer Impact Product Profile process evaluates products based on more than 20 attributes relating to human, environmental and societal impacts. Included in these considerations are environmental exposure, packaging and delivery systems, use of natural capital (water, energy and materials) and identification of disfavored ingredients globally. As a result, sustainability factors are included early in the development process to reduce the potential impacts of our products, from development through use and disposal.

Our products comply with global regulations and we lend our expertise to help shape global standards. Ecolab works with key industry groups to define and implement product responsibility best practices including:


We provide subject matter expertise to both government and non-government organizations in the development of product-level eco-certification standards. Where it meets our customers' needs, we obtain eco-certifications for our products. Currently, more than 200 Ecolab products are recognized by reputable eco-certification bodies.


We are committed to utilizing alternative methods of safety assessment testing when developing products.?

California Cleaning Product Right to Know Act 2017

You can trust Ecolab to keep sustainability and product safety top of mind as well as help you be fully compliant with the most current regulations, including the Cleaning Product Right to Know Act 2017.

Globally Harmonized Systems

We help customers meet new GHS/CLP standards.


Our products are in full compliance with REACH, the European Union's Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals regulation.