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Committed to Safety and Health

It Starts with Safety

At Ecolab, safety is everybody’s?business. We blend a disciplined,?data-driven approach to risk reduction?with initiatives to educate, engage,?and empower our team members,?so they can go home safe every day.

Goal Zero

Our overarching safety goal is zero incidents. But Goal?Zero is not just a number, it is a journey. On the way there,?Ecolab places great value on training and education. Both?at our own facilities and customer locations, we assess?risk before we start work, identify and address safety?issues, and remedy hazardous situations.

Driving Down Road Risks

For a company with a large number of field associates who spend a lot?of their time visiting customers, driving is an important risk factor as?well as a prominent area for improvement.

In 2018, our U.S. Pest Elimination team successfully piloted a predictive driver safety program that reduced accidents by 30 percent. The program uses training and coaching, and applies digital technology to measure driving behavior and indicators such as traffic tickets to identify drivers who are most likely to have an accident. The program will be deployed in the United States and Canada in 2019 and expanded to other countries starting in 2020.

The benefits of these programs extend beyond the workplace. Good?driving habits learned at work transfer to employees’ off-duty driving,?increasing safety for their families and the community.

2018 Safety Metrics


(Number of Injuries and Illnesses per 100 Workers)


2017 2018 % change
North America 1.77 1.54 -13%
Europe 0.68 0.90 32%
Asia Pacific 0.31 0.50 61%
Greater China 0.27 0.23 -15%
Latin America 0.67 0.99 48%
Middle East & Africa 0.63 0.35 -44%
Total Assets 1.17 1.13 -3%


(Lost Days per 100 Workers)


2017 2018 % change
North America 0.83 0.79 -5%


As Ecolab transitioned to a web-based platform for injury and incident reporting, we identified opportunities to improve the consistency of tracking lost time injury rates outside of North America. This improvement will continue in 2019.



(Per Million Miles Drive)
Fatalities: 5


2017 2018 % change
North America 2.77 2.8 1%
Europe 4.94 5.02 2%
Asia Pacific 2.26 2.06 -9%
Greater China 1.91 1.8 -6%
Latin America 2.82 2.88 2%
Middle East & Africa 2.71 2.49 -8%
Ecolab Total 3.09 3.08 0%


  • Ecolab has a corporate-wide goal of zero accidents?and injuries.
  • 2017 data was amended to account for acquisitions?and divestitures.
  • Data for all countries outside of the United States is reported?on a one-month lag. December 1, 2017 – November 30, 2018.?
  • This information cannot be broken down by gender and?does not include data for independent contractors.
  • All global operations conform to OSHA injury?reporting standards.


(Number of Severe Vehicular Accidents per Million Miles Driven)


Our Severe Vehicular Accident definition includes:

  • Fatality?
  • Bodily Injury
  • Vehicle Rollover
  • Incident involved?drugs and/or alcohol
  • Environmental spill to?ground or waterway

2017 2018 % change
North America 0.83 0.79 -5%