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Supporting Sustainable Energy Production

Why is Energy Conservation and Production Important?

The world demand for energy is estimated to increase by 30 percent in the next two decades. Due to this increased demand companies will need more efficient energy use to conserve limited resources and to improve operational efficiency and lower costs. Ecolab employs innovative energy conservation technologies to help customers achieve their energy goals.

Improving Industrial Energy Efficiency

We work to improve energy efficiency for companies faced with complex industrial energy management challenges, from hotels? to oil fields. Our Energy Services business, provides the industry’s most comprehensive, optimized and technically advanced solutions for process, production and water-treatment solutions to the global upstream and downstream petroleum and petrochemical industries. In 2017, we helped customers save over 12 trillion BTUs of energy, generate 20% of the world's power and reduce the water and energy footprint of 40% of the world's petroleum production. We're also helping the largest single operator of hotels in the world reach ambitious sustainability goals, including reducing carbon intensity by 30 percent.

Innovative Energy Technologies

Our energy technologies provide continuous monitoring and immediate responses to system changes that improve a system’s reliability and performance, greatly reducing water use and increasing energy efficiency.


Team supporting abundant energy

Energy Technology Success Stories

Read accounts of how our energy conservation technology and solutions have helped companies improve their industrial energy management to reduce cost, production time and waste.

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Energy Technology Innovations

Explore our energy innovations that help companies efficiently produce more energy, or save energy, resulting in more sustainable operations.?

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Energy Technology Videos

Watch videos on the future of energy innovation and how we solve complex challenges in the world's toughest energy frontiers.

Taking Energy Further?

Nalco Champion delivers targeted specialty chemistries, services and technologies to help optimize upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas operations, and we share an unwavering commitment to helping you reach your goals. We are guided by our values – reaching our goals, doing what’s right, challenging ourselves, working together, making a difference – and doing it all with safety in mind.

Refined Knowledge powered by ECOLAB3D?

Refined Knowledge Powered by ECOLAB3D? is about the convergence of data sources into one secure place, allowing you to gain unparalleled visibility into your refinery and petrochemical operations.

Energy Technology Solutions

Learn how our sustainable energy technology solutions help companies solve complex industrial energy management challenges, from pipelines and industrial boilers to laundries and dishwashers.

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